Zij danste mee in "Takeover, de dansvoorstelling van Anna Kolfina.


“Takeover” is a 35 minute sound- and dance performance, in which a wide spectrum of women all ages, take over Iðnó in a powerful ceremony. The space slowly fills with femme bodies, femme voices and femme energy, creating a living landscape of women. The performance at Reykjavik Dance Festival 2019 marked the fourth Takeover experiment, a project which engages different communities of women in different spaces each time. The heart of the project are the performers and the connection they make visible between them, despite their difference in age and background. Takeover explores the power of stillness and softness in a mesmerising performance which brings the audience on a multi-sensory journey.



Dance festival Reykjavik 2019

In Ijsland werkte Ine mee aan het stadsproject Dance Festival 2019 in Reykjvik.

Zij assisteerde Michikazu Matsune in zijn project: The viewers.


The Viewers is a film-portrait series that records individuals silently looking into the camera. Featuring over 100 participants, the series depicts a wide range of people who live in Iceland – people of all ages and backgrounds. The format is strictly minimalist, with each clip showing a subject from their shoulders up, as if in a vacuum. It references an identity film, similar to an identity photograph.

The result of the project is presented as a 3-hour film on RÚV, Iceland’s national television. It initiates eye-contact between viewers – the filmed individuals and television watchers looking at each other. These meetings transmogrify time and space in an intersection of private and public spheres. The Viewers reflects images of ourselves related to mass media and popular culture as well as realism in art – while playing with aspects of individuality, diversity and community.


Concept, artistic direction, filming: Michikazu Matsune
Filming, editing: Sigurður Unnar Birgisson
Organization, supervision: Ásgerður G. Gunnarsdóttir, Alexander Roberts
Internship: Ine Ubben